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2024 Camp Meetings Events

Pier Ministries: Thursday, July 25 - Sunday, July 28 Truly an epic sight to see and hear downtown OOB. Positive entertainment and engagement is to be had. Do not miss this tradition of the Salvation Army.

March of Witness Parade: Sunday, July 28 at 4:30pm. Starting at the top of Old Orchard Street (in front of the bank) continuing to the Pier, you will hear a brass marching band echoing an announcement of faith and hope.

Camp Meetings: Sunday, July 28 at 10am & 7pm Engage in study and worship at our traditional Camp Meetings. All are welcome! This is a great opportunity to find out more about the Salvation Army.

Family Fun Night: Monday, July 29 Treat your family to a night of fun and surprises! hint: furry creatures and bouncy houses as well interactive music are just a few of the surprises.

Camp Meetings Concert: Tuesday, July 30 at 7pm New York Staff Band and Eastern Territorial Staff Songsters. Join us for a night of spectacular music! If you have never attended this, you NEED to experience it. The music is like no other. This is held at Seaside Pavilion in OOB.

Chapel and Beach Bible Studies: Monday, July 29-Wednesday July 31. One study will be held on the beach and one in the Old Orchard Beach Salvation Army Church.

All events are free of charge and tickets are not needed. Check back for times and locations if not listed above.


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