Welcome to the Seaside Pavilion!


So, let's jump right in, shall we?

We have an awesome lineup for you this year!

If you adore big-band music and songs from the 30's through the 60's, come see Deep Blue C, Let's Hang On (Frankie Valli covers), and the 195th Army National Guard Band. You'll be sure to walk away humming and singing.

Fan of the 70's?

There's Tapestry (Carol King covers), The Gary Backstrom Band (Peter Frampton covers), John Acosta (Bee Gees), to name a few.

Maybe you're a fan of the melodic music of Fleetwood Mac? We'll see you July 16th, then.

Or if you're one who enjoys 'how it all started in America,' then come see Studio Two and their Beatles tribute.

And if you enjoy modern, original Christian music, then join us for Sanctus Real (August 16).

So, whatever your tastes, whatever you enjoy listening to, we've got you covered this year!

We hope to see you soon.



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